Yuneec Breeze 4K Drone Mini Review

Some sample videos and thoughts on the Yuneec Breeze 4K Drone. I tried it out while I was out on a bike ride in San Francisco over the Golden Gate Bridge up and down Conzelman Road. Without any sort of gimbal or digital stabilization at 4k it can be somewhat shaky. Good detail at 4k though! Not sure if the software (app/drone firmware) was up to the task when I tried it out a few months ago though. It went out of control a couple times right after take off.

This 4K clip uploaded to Youtube is from near the Battery Rathbone McIndoe off of Conzelman Road in Marin.

Super lucky this isn’t where I lost control out of it or it would have ended up in the ocean!


This 4K clip is from near Bicentennial Campground a little farther down Conzelman.

This is the area I had some issues with flight right after take off. After take off and before even using the controls it just sort of flew sideways in a arc and crashed. One time into tall grass and another time into a bush. Luckily there wasn’t any damage!


Sample at 1080P with Digital Stabilization:

It’s nice to be able to record in 1080p when you want digital stabilization which does make for a smoother looking shot. I really love the detail 4K gives now days though. Sort of wish it had a gimbal or more megapixels so that it could crop in and digitally stabilize the 4k shot.


Things I like:

  • Size is good, the landing gear folds and so do the propellers and it has a nice storage case.
  • 4K recording has good color, detail and a very wide view (117°).
  • It doesn’t look menacing, sort of friendly and cute looking.
  • Even though battery life isn’t very long (12mins) it comes with 2 batteries and they change super quick.

Things I don’t like:

  • When the sun is in the corner of the frame I noticed some horizontal banding to the image.
  • Since there is no gimbal or digital stabilization in the 4K mode the image is sort of shaky. 1080P uses Digital Stabilization which reduces the field of view (and resolution of course too!).
  • As mentioned earlier in the review I lost control and crashed a couple times right after take off.
  • If it could record photos in a RAW format (DNG or similar) instead of just JPG it would be nice.


Some extra samples of the quality….

A few unedited images (13MP Jpegs) out of the “Flying Camera” Breeze 4K Drone:


A short unedited 4K clip:

Hope the samples are useful! Link to Amazon for full specs and user reviews: If you have the cash though, ponying up for the DJI Mavic Pro adds many more features and quality. I guess it should though when it is double the cost! Still saving my pennies/trying to decide if I should get one.



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