Sony FE 28mm F2 vs 21mm F2.8 (using SEL075UWC wide converter)

This is just a quick test/review to see the difference the Sony SEL075UWC wide angle converter makes vs just using the 28mm lens by itself.  As you may know the lens goes from being a 28mm F2 maximum aperture to a 21mm f2.8. Full Specifications and detail can be found at Sony’s site here. I headed over the Golden Gate Bridge and took some photos to make the comparison. I shot with a Sony A7 in RAW and then used Adobe Lightroom to export to JPG (tweaked the white balance some but that is it).

Here is a comparison with and without the converter up at the Battery Spencer after crossing the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge:

Sony FE 28mm @ F8
Sony FE 28MM (21mm w/ Ultra Wide Converter SEL075UWC) @ F8

As you can see 21mm is a LOT wider than the “only” 7mm difference might suggest. At the wide end a few mm can make a dramatic difference. At the tele end, not so much.

Some 100% view crops from Adobe Lightroom:

Center Crops – 28mm vs 21mm

The Center Crops shows sharpness here is good both with and without the wide angle converter.

Edge crop shows a slightly less sharp image with the converter:

Right Side Crops – 28mm vs 21mm

If you want to download a 24mp JPG file of the above you can get the 28mm here and 21mm here. And if you really want to check the true quality yourself here are the RAW files to play around with: DNG 28mm & DNG 21mm

Gallery of more samples that have been resized to 3840×2560 (about 10mp):

Without the converter the 28MM is light, sharp and moderately small. Why spend another $250 to make the lens much larger and heavier? 9.5 oz (267 g) of weight and 2″ of length to be exact. The 28mm lens alone is just 7.1 oz (200 g). Well a wider lens is good for shooting expansive landscapes, interior photography (getting everything in one shot), dramatic photographs that exaggerate proportions and sizes, among other things too! I’d say if you already own the 28mm F2 and need a wider angle lens sometime it’s a useful edition to your photography kit. Getting a completely separate Autofocus Ultra Wide lens for a Sony A7 series camera would definitely set you back more than $250. An example is the Sony 16-35mm F4 for $1350 on Amazon. If you have a APSc Sony like a A6000, A6300, A6500 (or early NEX even) the Sony 10-18mm F4 is great, and the 16mm F2.8 with it’s ultra wide converter, VCLECU2 isn’t too shabby either.


  • If you already own the 28mm it’s a cheap way to get a wide angle lens.
  • Goes on and off super quick and easy so can switch between shooting 28mm & 21mm very quickly.
  • Autofocus seems fast and accurate, not really any noticeable difference to using the 28mm alone.
  • Not much additional distortion and I don’t see any color shift either.
  • Camera knows when the converter is on and EXIF data shows 21mm automatically.

Negatives to using the 28mm w/ the Converter:

  • Makes the lens a bit larger and heavier than I prefer.
  • Wish it was even wider (around 18mm equivalent).
  • Sharpness is somewhat affected. Center is still very sharp but edges are not quite as good as they are without it.
  • Can’t use with screw on filters (on the converter plus the 28mm can’t while using it either).

Links at Amazon:

Sony SEL28F20 FE 28mm f/2

Sony SEL075UWC 21 mm f/2.8-22 Ultra Wide Converter Lens

(Yada yada yada… if you use these links to make a purchase I will get a small commission from Amazon at no extra cost to you. k thx!)

Hope the comparison photos and thoughts were helpful if you have been thinking about getting the Ultra Wide Converter for your Sony 28mm F2!



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