Sony FDR-X3000 4K Action Camera mini review

I’ve had this little Sony 4k STABILIZED (Optically!) Action Camera for a few months now. I have gotten a chance to test it riding my bike down Conzelman road after making my way over the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco, snorkeling  at Hanauma Bay in Hawaii, and making a timelapse video while camping at Steep Ravine on Christmas!  Basically it’s a really nice update over Sony’s older FDR-X1000 and I would recommend what I did. Sell that if you have it and pick up the new model!

Snorkeling at Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve Honolulu, Hawaii:

I’ve been back from Hawaii for almost a week now so vivid images of beautiful beaches, wildlife, and people as still fresh in my mind. I wanted to get up a quickly edited underwater video together since that was the first time I got a chance to test the X3000 underwater so it was exciting to take a look at the footage. I’ll have to share some other pictures and video from the Hawaii trip soon as well.


Conzelman Road Bike Ride:

This video is right after I first got it. Coasting down Conzelman Road on my Bianchi bicycle. The image stabilization is surprisingly good! Soaks up so much of the road vibrations. I wish the dynamic range was slightly better… maybe if I would have shot in the neutral color profile instead of vivid!


Timelapse at Steep Ravine Campground: 

A HUGE plus over the old X1000 is the ability to do timelapse images in 4K! It’s sort of seems crazy but the old model could only do 1080p.


The main plusses for me over the old FDR-X1000:

  • Balanced Optical Steady Shot (BOSS) image stabilization (GoPro can’t touch this!)
  • Smaller
  • Included waterproof case has a flat lens which works better underwater
  • 4k Timelapse mode
  • Less fisheye distortion

Areas that could still be improved:

  • More detail. I think the lens sharpness seems good but maybe a higher bitrate or a more efficient codec would improve detail.
  • Audio recording is muffled when the Waterproof case is used, not sure how realistic it would be to improve that but it would be nice.

Overall though it’s definitely a worth successor to the FDR-X1000 and with the stabilization is a no brainier compared to a GoPro for me. Check out more specs and reviews (and maybe even purchase) at Amazon:


Some extra samples of the quality….

A few unedited, straight out of camera JPG’s used to make the timelapse movie:


A short  100Mbps clip at Kirby Cove and the nice view of the Golden Gate Bridge from down there:

You can download if you right click while it is playing.

I thought the above pics and video would show a better representation of the quality VS youtube (with all the extra compression involved)!



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