Short trip to Honolulu, Hawaii 3/4 to 3/7/17

First time visiting Hawaii! For this trip I wanted to keep things simple and goto Honolulu and be around the touristy Waikīkī Beach area. Not a bad choice really. Having lived in San Francisco the last 10 years has definitely prepared me for lots of people, and of all different types too. ABC Mart there is the equivalent of the many Walgreens in SF, but unlike Walgreens they sell booze which can come in handy when you are going to the beach. Continue reading “Short trip to Honolulu, Hawaii 3/4 to 3/7/17”

Leica CL with 40mm F2 Summicron-c + Sony NEX C3 Review

Well I decided to send back my Sony RX1 and preorder a Fuji X100s. The RX1 takes beautiful photos but the price different and built in viewfinder + all of the improvements over the original X100 swayed me back to Fuji. Since it might be a while to get the Fuji X100S (I preordered at Amazon HERE) I decided to pick up a camera I have been eyeing for a while. A Leica CL along with the 40mm Summicron-c. PLUS a super cheap 16mp Sony NEX C3 to use that awesome little Leica lens on as well. Continue reading “Leica CL with 40mm F2 Summicron-c + Sony NEX C3 Review”

Sony RX1 vs Fuji X100 – Mini Review with Comparison Photos

When I first saw the Sony RX1, the price and the lack of viewfinder made me think I would never buy one. I purchased a Nikon D600 instead. It has the same awesome 24mp Full Frame sensor and is much more versatile with the ability to change lenses. It’s huge in comparison though. I still had my Fuji X100 for when I wanted to travel light. The problem was with the D600’s superior image quality it made me not want to use my x100 anymore! I needed to get the Sony RX1 as my small and light go everywhere cam. Below are some of my observations and some comparison photos. Also here is an album of more of my RX1 shots: Continue reading “Sony RX1 vs Fuji X100 – Mini Review with Comparison Photos”

Fuji X100 – 1.5yrs worth of Photos… well some of them

I recently sold my Fuji X100 after getting the Sony RX1. The Fuji X100 was the longest Camera I had owned since I can remember. We had some good times and some bad times together. Here are some shots to remember it by. If you are thinking of getting one make sure to get the new X100s. It has so many improvments over the original. If my X100 had all those things (lighting quick af, better manual focus, sensor that rivels full frame, 1080p 60fps video, etc) I probably would have kept it another year and a half! I’m really tempted to return my Sony RX1 while I still can and use the savings for a nice vacation! Continue reading “Fuji X100 – 1.5yrs worth of Photos… well some of them”

Leland High School 10yr reunion – Shot with a Nikon D600 + 35mm 1.8 G

On 11-23-12 I was the photographer for Leland High School Class of 2002’s 10 Year Reunion. It was held at 111 Minna which is always a fun spot! I decided to mostly use my Nikon 35mm 1.8 G DX  (APS-C) lens on my FX full frame Nikon D600. I find 50mm too narrow a field of view much of the time. I really wish Nikon had a modern 35mm F2 full frame lens but they don’t. The 35mm F2 D lens is older and has screw drive (noisy, sounds like R2D2 when focusing) and isn’t that sharp wide open. The 35mm 1.8 G vignettes some and the far corners are dark but it is very sharp and pretty quick and quiet to focus. Maybe bad (well most definitely bad) if you want to shoot landscapes with it on Full Frame camera. I like some vignetting to draw you to the center subject so for my purposes this night it worked very well! Plus with 24mp even if you crop it to a 50mm’s field of view you still have plenty of pixels to work with (around 12mp). Continue reading “Leland High School 10yr reunion – Shot with a Nikon D600 + 35mm 1.8 G”

Just Pre-ordered a Nikon D600! Some thoughts…

I’ve been waiting and anticipating the release of the Nikon D600 for quite a while now. The prospect of a smaller full frame camera, not to mention a more affordable one was pretty damn enticing to me. It seems to be mostly a Full Frame version of the D7000. The only thing I wanted that it doesn’t have is a 1/8000 maximum shutter speed which is helpful for shooting your fast lenses (f1.2, f1.4 and even f1.8) wide open in bright light. It does have a base ISO setting of 100 and is expandable to ISO 50 which would make up for the 1/4000 less shutter speed but we will have to see if the ISO 50 setting lowers Dynamic Range or blows highlights. Continue reading “Just Pre-ordered a Nikon D600! Some thoughts…”

Alicia Blue – Presidio

Some photos Alicia and I took together of her wearing a striking blue dress. I love how the color popped against the subtle tones of the Presidio. The bokehlicious shots are taken with the Nikon 85mm f/1.8G AF-S NIKKOR Lens on a Nikon D5100. Also some shots with the 50mm 1.8G and a few with my Fuji X100 as well! Can you tell which is which?

The 50mm 1.8G is probably your best deal on a portrait type lens for a DX Nikon camera (D3200, D5100, D90 to name a few). At around $220 you really can’t go wrong. It’s sharpness wide open at f1.8 isn’t spectacular but stopped down to just f2.2 and it gets pretty sharp, anymore and it’s VERY sharp! The 85mm on a crop (DX) Nikon is zoomed in a bit far for my taste. Equivalent to 127.5mm in 35mm, full frame terms (85mm x 1.5 crop factor due to the smaller sensor). I’m really looking forward to Nikon releasing a new lighter, smaller, cheaper full frame camera. The D600 is going to be just what i’m looking for!

Alicia Orange – Fort Point

Not the most beautiful day out, it was windy, foggy & cold! It’s been so long since Alicia and I have hung out and taken photos together I feel like we were both a little out of practice (the weather wasn’t helping matters either). It was good to be able to try out my Nikon 85mm f/1.8G AF-S NIKKOR Lens a little more though. With how good this lens is on a crop sensor camera (Nikon D5100) I’m sure it’s going to be even more amazing on a full frame one. The Nikon D600 can’t come out fast enough! Or maybe the D800 will gain availability & I will break down & get one.